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If your kitchen has become dated or has seen better days, Mott Carpentry & Property Maintenance provides a kitchen renovation service to bring it back to its former glory. As an experienced kitchen fitter serving Romford and the surrounding Essex areas, we have undertaken countless kitchen renovations that never fail to satisfy our clients.


In our role as kitchen fitter, we see first-hand the difference that modern technology, contemporary finishes and the latest appliances can make to any day-to-day routine. From maximising available space to increasing functionality, a kitchen renovation from Mott Carpentry & Property Maintenance breathes new life into any Romford or Essex area home.


But what are the specifics of a kitchen renovation?

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Kitchen Renovation Explained


In short, a kitchen renovation involves the improvement of a broken, damaged or outdated kitchen. With such a wide scope, kitchen renovations can take on many different forms. As a time-served kitchen fitter, we understand the importance of sitting down with our Romford-based clients as early in the process as possible in order to inspect their current kitchen and evaluate the available options.


In our position as kitchen fitter, it’s important to discuss the following steps before progressing too far down the road to a kitchen renovation:


  • Knowing Your Budget. It is important that our Romford clients draw up expectations that align with their budget.
  • An extensive planning stage. This ensures our clients have a kitchen with optimum functionality, ideally making use of the ‘work triangle.’


Popular Kitchen Renovation Features


The planning stage involves the exciting prospect of choosing the finer details of the kitchen renovation. At this stage, as the chosen kitchen fitter, we present kitchen renovation options including:


  • Flooring – It’s impossible to overstate the difference high-quality flooring makes to a room. A common feature in any kitchen renovation, the replacement of vinyl or linoleum flooring with premium versions of laminate, stone tile or hardwood flooring provides a solid, stylish base for Romford and Essex kitchens
  • Countertops – It’s often overlooked quite how much prominent space countertops occupy. When carrying out a kitchen renovation, it’s important that our Romford and Essex area customers pay close attention to the durability and stylistic quality of their countertops, because they always draw attention
  • Cabinets & Units – As an experienced kitchen fitter, we’ve seen the simple, yet powerful, effect resurfacing or replacing kitchen cabinets or units can have. Whether our clients in Romford or neighbouring Essex areas want to increase cabinet space or add a gloss, matt or wood finish, this service remains one of our most popular
  • Work Triangle – Enhancing the functionality of a work triangle can work wonders for kitchens in Romford and Essex-based homes. Linking the fridge, hob and sink at different points of the kitchen, clear work triangle lines make for smooth, efficient kitchen use. A clear work triangle works best in kitchens with heavy usage


In addition to these essentials, there are an array of smaller features including induction hobs, under-cabinet lighting, double ovens, separate recycling facilities and large draws for pots and pans.


Our kitchen renovation service works in conjunction with our NVQ-accredited carpentry skills.

For more information about our kitchen renovation services in Romford, call 07854 023279.

Kitchen Renovation in Romford | A Superior Service

image of a marble kitchen worksurface

For more information about our kitchen renovation services in Romford, call

07854 023279.